Single Moms Can Find Love Again

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After you become a single mom and the dust on the relationship settles, you might be resistant (consciously or unconsciously) to seek love again. Once bitten, twice shy, right?

I can relate! Without going into too much detail, let's suffice it to say that while the end of my marriage was a relief, the end of the two relationships that followed was incredibly painful and made me reconsider my ability to find the right partner.

So, I spent several years alone and pretty darn sure that's how I'd be at least until my sweet Lexi went off to college. I was committed to her and my businesses, so keeping busy allowed me to live under the illusion that a relationship wasn't something I wanted.

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“HonorĂ©e’s Successful Single Mom Transformation Program helped me get my life back on track. Finally a guide for single moms everywhere!” ~Melinda Payne, Original Participant in The Single Mom Transformation Program Group
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What is the Single Mom Transformation Program {SMTP}? 

The Single Mom Transformation Program (SMTP) was developed for single moms, and was based upon my STMA (Short-Term Massive Active) executive coaching program, so I could write The Successful Single Mom book. I worked with seven single moms over the course of 100-days (that turned into almost a year) to perfect the Program and write the book.

Happy Mother's Day, Single Mama!

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Happy Mother's Day! 

Single Mom, I truly hope you have a wonderful day! If you're able, spend time with your kids and enjoy every precious moment. If for some reason you aren't able to be with them today, I want you to practice some extreme self-care. You can read all about it here

Today is a day to celebrate YOU, momma! You deserve it! *smile* 

Make sure you get your *free* copy of The Successful Single Mom book ... you can get the paperback, the ebook, or both! Enjoy! Just go here. {The ebook is also free on Amazon, FYI.}

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 The Successful Single Mom is the only book series for single  moms written in a positive, can-do voice, from the coaching perspective, by an executive coach who was also a single mom. These books provide a road map for creating the life, career, meals, relationships, bank balance, and health you want, starting right now, today! Find out where you can buy them here.

Are You a Successful Single Mom? {Yes!}

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Single moms! Make sure you get your free copy of The Successful Single Mom book ... you can get the paperback, the ebook, or both! Enjoy! Just go here. {The ebook is also free on Amazon, FYI.}

A Successful Single Mom is a woman who loves her children and herself. She knows the life lessons she teaches her children will affect not only her kids but also her grandkids. She makes her children the focus of her life, and yes, this means going to dance recitals, parent-teacher conferences, doctor's appointments, school functions, and girl-scout meetings. She's also a woman who practices extreme self-care, has her financial house in order, lives a life she loves, and is surrounded by people she loves and loves her.

Put another way: model for your children anything and everything you want them to grow up and do for themselves.If you want them to grow up and experience an abundance of time, love, space and money, figure out a way to bring more of those into your life. Do more of what you want and less of what you don't want -- for yourself and your kids. 

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