Cool Facts & Stats About Single Moms {& Dads!} & Their Kids, Pt. 2

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There is misinformation, many wrong assumptions, and flat-out incorrect stereotypes about single moms, single dads, and the kids they are raising … even today, in 2014.

Nearly three out of ten families with children today are headed by a single parent. That makes this group one of the largest population segments in the United States. Listen up, advertisers, movie makers and television producers: single parents are the majority!

Most single parents are still moms. In fact, 82.2% of custodial single parents today are moms. As time marches on, single parenting is on the rise even as teenage pregnancy declines. As women decide not to wait {for the right time or the right man} to have children, many choose to bare or adopt children because they can financially support and raise them.

But, men are the fastest growing category of single parents. I wasn’t surprised at this development, especially since writing The Successful Single Dad book and starting this blog.

If you’re picturing a single mom collecting checks from their mailbox, surrounded by kids on her front porch, think again. The vast majority of single parents are gainfully employed. Eight out of ten single moms are employed, and nine out of ten single dads are employed. The vast majority of these parents receive no government assistance. That’s right, self-supporting and raising great kids. Any questions?

You are NOT at the Mercy of Your Ex

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It may feel like, as a single mom, you have to rely on your baby daddy for all kinds of support, monetary and otherwise. Recently, someone asked me how I would recommend dealing with a difficult ex. My answer: make him inconsequential.

When someone has you by the short hairs, and they know it, they can abuse their perceived power. He knows you need that child support money, so he withholds it for a few extra days or just doesn't pay you at all. He knows you need him to pick up the kids on time so you can get to work, so he shows up late on purpose. He knows you want to be the main mother figure in your kids lives, so he inserts his "girlfriend of the week" into his visitation time.

Single mom, you are NOT at the mercy of your ex. If you feel like you are and want to make the shift to feeling like you're not, keep reading.

What Prevents a Single Mom from Being Successful?

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I've been getting emails lately asking for help from single moms who are up against seemingly insurmountable challenges, asking me to help them get their lives, money, work, physical, co-parenting and parenting situations in line.
Designing a life you love can seem like an insurmountable task (project??!!) as a single mom. But take it from someone who's done it: it is possible!

You Still Get to Have Sex After Divorce

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I broke down in tears within two weeks of my split, but not because I was getting divorced. No, it was sex ... or more specifically the prospect of having sex -- with a new person {people!} that sent me over the edge. I was having drinks with two friends, both of whom had been divorced for several years, and we stumbled upon the subject of dating.  I remember my friend saying, "Don't worry, you'll even start having sex again before you know it."

Right there, in the middle of happy hour, I lost it. Seriously, I was completely in my shit. I was a mom. A former breast-feeder ... and those breasts were in a race for my knees. I had stretch marks, for God's sake, and there was no way I was going to allow anyone to see all of that. On top of it, I was over 30 and we all know that once you're over 30, that's it.

Well, no, that wasn't it. While my physical body was no longer in a unmarred, pre-baby state, I still looked pretty good. I just had all of those disempowering thoughts running around in my head, and it was up to me to change them. I had to get clear that isn't just a physical body that a man is attracted to; I had other qualities that would be interesting to men.

SERIES: Single Mom Blogger You Should Know: Pam Grout, author of "E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality"

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So excited to share with you that Pam's new book, E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments that Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles is Your Full-Time Gigis now available and is already in its Second Printing. Another NY Times Bestseller in the works! Congrats, Pam!


The Single Mom Bloggers and Authors You Should Know

In this multi-part series, I'm introducing you to other single mom bloggers and authors you need to be reading. You can find links to every lady in the series below ... 

I'm so excited to introduce you to single mom Pam Grout, 16-time author and travel blogger. She wrote one of my new favorite books: E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Blogger & Author Pam Grout 

What I Like About Her and E-SquaredAnyone who has read The Successful Single Mom book knows I'm a huge fan of books by Catherine Ponder and Florence Scovel Shinn, the Law of Attraction, and all things spiritual. I've been a manifesting super freak for over 20 years, and have included prosperity work in my books and classes because quite honestly I love it when things just show up and I don't have to work so hard for them. Lazy? Genius? You decide. In any event, I've not quite been able to "manifest on demand every single time" so when I discovered Pam's book, E-Squared I couldn't wait to read it and try out the energy experiments, especially after reading all of the amazing reviews. So I read it, all the way through, in less than two days. I love it because it lives up to it's promise: proof beyond all doubt back up by scientific evidence that we all create our realities, and anything we want to have in our lives, including shiny objects and oodles of cash, we can have. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. It will be the best $1.99 or $10.98 you. have. ever. spent. Buy it. Read it. You're welcome!