Keeping Your Sanity During Back-to-School


Raise your hands if you're super excited about back-to-school! {Hands in the air!!} In our house, that day is tomorrow! I love the laid-back pace of summer, and yet there always seems to be a gap between the activities my daughter has the opportunity to participate in and my workload.

While the school year presents it's own set of challenges, I much prefer the structure because it allows me to plan and get much more done. So, as you can probably tell, I'm psyched about school starting in just a few hours!

As the mom of a new high schooler {I can't quite believe she's already 14 and in 9th grade -- where does the time go?!}, I wanted to share three of my tried-and-true tips for keeping your sanity this year:

*Say "no" to too many activities. While I suggested that my daughter try lots of different clubs and activities during her time in high school to find out what really resonates with her, we both know sometimes too much is too much! She has recently started doing karate several times a week, so we're both clear that too many other activities will stress us both out, wreak havoc on her grades, and make for a miserable time. Remember, "no" is a complete sentence. Keep your sanity by limiting extra-curricular activities to only what you can handle. You don't need to have your kids in soccer, dance, Girl Scouts, foreign language, piano, baseball ... the list is endless, and yet this isn't a competition to see how much you can cram into your life. I see far too many people overwhelmed and stressed unnecessarily because they take on too much. Pick one or two activities that work for your time and budget. Trust me, you'll love not having something to do every minute of every day.

*Organize your outfits in advance. For years I hung up an entire week's worth of outfits for Lexi in advance (usually on Sunday night). Including unders, socks, shoes, etc. So all we had to do was put on her outfit and go. Now that she's a teenager, I'm suggesting she do advanced outfit planning, which she's finally doing, mostly because she started her own business and needs to look good! (Smile.) Based on my calendar, I do the same thing for myself. If I have out-of-office meetings, I'll plan a dressier outfit including accessories and shoes. If I'm working at home, I still put together an outfit that makes me look and feel great ... even if no-one sees me. But I have lost count of the number of times I've needed to "run out for a minute" and I was glad I didn't have to be seen without looking put together. You might like to use this outfit organizer blog post.

*Plan your meals. Just like love, your kids need food every day. I try to make meals as easy and effortless as possible, while still keeping variety and deliciousness in the mix. I keep a couple of dozen recipes on rotation, making good use of my crock pot especially during the school year. If you're short on ideas, there are over 150 recipes in here, and you'll love my latest recipe-helping discovery: I plug in the protein {chicken, scallops, shrimp, beef} I have on hand into Pinterest with the words "quick and easy." Last week I coated some drumsticks with olive oil, salt, garlic salt, and pepper and baked them at 400* for 45 minutes (turning once). While baking, I sauteed some onions, broccoli and zucchini in pecan oil, salt and pepper. Viola, a healthy delicious dinner that could not have been easier to make. P.S. Buy frozen pre-cut veggies to make it even faster and easier.

Keeping your sanity during the school year isn't a wild unachievable dream, it's a valid goal you can achieve with some forethought and planning. Cheers to your kid's best school year yet -- and to you, mom, for making it happen!


Single Mom, Can You Fit in Getting Fit?

A kid, a job, and a small ass. Seriously? I’m a single mom! Do I have to look great, too?
No ma'am, you don't have to do anything ... but I know you want to look great and, of course, feel great.
It is, without a doubt, a challenge to fit in a workout when you have a husband, no job, no kids and an abundance of time and money. Compound the challenge by becoming a single mom and you may just feel too overwhelmed and give up.
But please don't! There are many, many ways to "fit in getting fit," and here are just a few of my favorites:
Join a gym with childcare. Utilize the entire amount of time to workout, use the sauna, and shower. If you're lucky enough to have a Lifetime Fitness near you, they give you up to four (4!) hours of kid care ... during which time you can do your workout, get ready, and then have time to get some work done (while enjoying a snack) in their cafe. 

Want Love Again? Forgive.

You can't fit new love into a heart that's already full of love ... or something else, any more than you can fit a new wardrobe into an already over-flowing closet.

To the extent you want to welcome new love into your heart and life, you must consider letting go of all of the anger, hatred and homicidal thoughts you have for your ex.

My daughter is really upset with someone right now, and I was explaining to her today that forgiveness is an inside act. The other person doesn't even have to know you've forgiven them. You don't have to invite them over for Easter dinner, or spend hours on the phone with them, or even be more than cordial to them when you see them.

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Single Moms Can Get Rich!

Earn More Money, Support Your Kids, and Balance Work and Family


The majority of the requests I get from single moms is how to make enough to support their children while balancing life in general. I think we can all agree: as a single income family, with or without child support, it's imperative you earn more than enough to provide for your children.

I use the word imperative because there's one thing I know for sure: a stressed-out person is not their happiest, best and most resourceful self. A single mom stressed out about money, well, she can sometimes be a beast. Don't you agree?