Single Moms Can Find Love Again

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After you become a single mom and the dust on the relationship settles, you might be resistant (consciously or unconsciously) to seek love again. Once bitten, twice shy, right?

I can relate! Without going into too much detail, let's suffice it to say that while the end of my marriage was a relief, the end of the two relationships that followed was incredibly painful and made me reconsider my ability to find the right partner.

So, I spent several years alone and pretty darn sure that's how I'd be at least until my sweet Lexi went off to college. I was committed to her and my businesses, so keeping busy allowed me to live under the illusion that a relationship wasn't something I wanted.

Let's Maximize Your Time, Single Mama!

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Good morning! As all single moms are,  I was up at 4 a.m. this morning so I could make a dent in my to do list "before the day started." Even though I'm no longer a single mom, all of these strategies I discovered or uncovered while I was a single mom and literally desperate for more sleep!

In my opinion, there's no such thing as time management, but there is time maximization -- which is what single moms really need to be great at! Since efficiency is one of my focus areas as an executive coach, I thought I'd share some tried-and-true methods for maximizing time, but first, let's explore what maximizing your time will help you to do:

Single Mom, It's Time to Create a New Story

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I bet you’ve told your story over and over and over again, sometimes to help you process through what happened, sometimes to garner sympathy, and sometimes just to throw Homer under the bus, release some anger and make yourself feel better. Did you really feel better? I don’t know about you, but when I focus on the details of my failed marriage, I just get all fired up again … angry, frustrated and mad at myself for choosing him in the first (damn) place.

I have found instead that by focusing on the many blessings of the relationship, first and foremost my daughter, I can keep my positive mental attitude in check. Then I focus on the lessons learned and distinctions I made that empowered me to move on and create new and improved results in my life. Additionally, when I take responsibility for the fact that I chose him and began to dig deeper into the circumstances that caused me to do so, I began to experience something new, better and different. You can, too.

How to Communicate Better with Your Ex


"We divorced for a reason -- many reasons -- why must we continue to communicate?!? 

This question was posed to me by a struggling newly-divorced and single mom. 

Most likely you didn't divorce or split up without anger, frustration and continuous confrontation. Very few people, I've found, divorce on good terms. In fact, if the relationship had been great, you'd still be together, right? Maybe.

New Year, Newly Single Mama ... Now What?


I heard from, and met, many newly single moms who were rushing to get their divorce documents signed and filed by the end of the year. Which means that the beginning of the year marks their first year as newly single, single moms. I think this calls for hugs all around.

So how to manage -- maximize? -- what might be the toughest and also perhaps the best year of your life? I had a lot to say about being a single mom in here, but more years have passed and I've since met many, many (many!) single moms (and dads) and there are some things I suggest you do right now to make the most of your new situation.