New Year, Newly Single Mama ... Now What?


I heard from, and met, many newly single moms who were rushing to get their divorce documents signed and filed by the end of the year. Which means that the beginning of the year marks their first year as newly single, single moms. I think this calls for hugs all around.

So how to manage -- maximize? -- what might be the toughest and also perhaps the best year of your life? I had a lot to say about being a single mom in here, but more years have passed and I've since met many, many (many!) single moms (and dads) and there are some things I suggest you do right now to make the most of your new situation.

First, breathe. It will be okay, I promise. The changes you've instigated, or that have occurred against your will and better judgment, are for your highest and best good. Little did I know that what felt like the end of the world held within it the seeds of my greatest happinesses (is that a word? If it isn't, it should be). So right now, take a deep, slow breath and know that all is well.

Second, feel. Don't let your anger, frustration, sadness, or any other emotion that doesn't feel good stay bottled up. Find constructive ways to release how pissed off or even homicidal you feel. Channel that energy into being a great mom, finding your purpose, and loving yourself.

Third, surround yourself. Find people who make you feel amazing and unstoppable, and hang out with them. Stalk them if you must. Get in their energy field until you literally catch their positive energy and it becomes your own. Eliminate or seriously limit contact with anyone who complains, bitches, moans, gossips, discusses or hints at anything less than positivity. You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought, and when you treat your minutes like you treat your dollars, you won't waste them on marinating in bull**** or hanging out with the "wrong" people, anymore than you'd light fifty bucks on fire to watch it burn because you needed some amusement.

Finally, when you're ready, create a vision of what you want your life to become, who you want to become. I've rarely heard anyone say they wish they'd stayed married (they usually say they wish they'd gotten divorced sooner), they just wish they'd gotten to the good part faster. Well, today sister, you are well on your way to the good part. :)

Happy New Year ... and welcome to your new life! Cheers to you!

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The Successful Single Mom Has a Happy Holiday Season

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So the kids are with dad some of this holiday season? It may seem like the end of the world, but it's not! (I promise.)

I remember the first Christmas my daughter went to her father's house ... I had become "such a mom" I wasn't sure how I should or could spend the time. I had illusions of taking hot baths, having time to catch up on shows and the stack of books next to my bed. Instead, I hardly felt energized enough to do more than the basics. I honestly wasn't sure what to do with myself, because I was so used to being a mom every minute of every day, that I wasn't working, that having non-work time left me frozen.

In retrospect, that was time I should have taken those hot baths, enjoyed chocolate in multiple temperatures and headed to the bookstore to read People Magazine.

You Must End Your Affair ... and Here's How


One of my dear friends called me last week and asked for my input on a tricky situation.

Turns out she has been in a relationship, her first post-divorce, for the past year. The tricky part of the equation is that he's married. Although at one point he'd decided to end his marriage, and there were talks of them being together, introducing their kids to one another, and living happily ever after, this fairly-tale isn't quite having the happy ending she'd hoped. After a few months, he and his wife had indeed decided to call it quits. But after a short time, he decided to give his marriage another try, and after a few months, he once again announced they were getting a divorce.

But he hasn't moved out. No papers have been filed. And my gal's heart is fully vested and she's wondering how much longer she should hold on and hold out.

Oh Sh!t Day! The Day You Became a Single Mom

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I've said since I first wrote The Successful Single Mom book that 

"Today is somebody's Oh Shit! day ... the day they became a single mom and realized exactly what that truly means."

I remember my Oh Sh!t Day like it was yesterday. The end of my marriage felt like the end of everything, and after awhile, the possibility of a new beginning. I had been married for 7 years and had a 2-year-old. I lived in Hawaii, with my then-husband, who was a military officer. I was far away from home, no family go "home" to, and I was self-employed. Good and not-so-good, all at the same time.

During the first few months after my divorce, I experienced all kinds of emotions: panic, because I was surprised by the request for a divorce; excitement, because I didn't want to be married to him anymore either; excitement, because I'm a positive thinker and always look forward to the future; anger, because, well, wouldn't YOU be angry if someone asked you for a divorce on Mother's Day? Fear, because I wasn't sure I could handle being a single mom and everything that comes with being one, and finally relief, because I knew that the relationship wasn't right for me, but I didn't have the courage to make the change myself.

Cyber Monday & The Best Answer to Nosy Single Mom Questions

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***Be sure to check out our SMTP Cyber "Monday" Special below ...***

Word will spread that you're a single mom {through a divorce or however} -- and it will spread quickly and perhaps not-so-quietly throughout your workplace, community, church, friends, and family -- you will be asked invasive, intrusive, offensive, meddling, and upsetting questions. And not just by well-meaning friends and family ... even in a strictly-business meeting, you can share you're a single mom and the person across the table will ask nosy questions ... just because they feel they can.

People love juicy gossip, so you will be quizzed by by folks who have no business asking, and not the least need to know. Because you may not be your normal, tight-lipped, level-headed and discreet self right now, you may find it tempting to spill your guts and tell every scandalous tidbit. {Don't do it! Resist!} Or, you might be completely offended by the inquiries but not entirely sure you're not supposed to answer, as the person asking may have a concerned look on their face.