Single Moms: When Dad Isn't Around

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Happy Father's Day, Single Moms!

As a single mother, you may have to deal with a father who isn't very involved in your child's life. In fact, you may be mom and dad. 

How to Survive Summer, Single Mom!

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Ladies, it's really hot out there! My daughter has been out of school for barely a week, and you might be hearing the same chanting I'm hearing: "I'm bored." "Why can't you spend more time with me?" "It's too hot outside ..."

It's a difficult balance for single moms to keep their kids cool and happy during the long, hot weeks of summer when, I don't know, everything else that happens the other nine months of the year needs to get done.

What's a mother to do?

The GREAT Successful Single Mom Book GIVEAWAY!

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Hey single moms!

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Is it Possible to Get Along with Your Ex?

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Here are some exes you might've heard about ... that get along ...

If Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards can get along with this guy, anything is possible.

I should know. I've had two contentious, expensive (and, as it turns out, unnecessary) court battles with my ex. If you would have said, even a year ago, "someday you'll have calm, friendly conversations with your ex that have a positive results and end cordially" ... well, I would've told you to put down the crack pipe.

But, with some hard work and a few key action steps, I can now see my ex's name pop up on my caller ID and not have a pit in my stomach or homicidal thoughts. I can even initiate informational texts, to keep him in the loop, because not only is it the right thing to do, it's the nice thing to do.